Streetcar POEtry

Have you taken a close look at the streetcar stops lately? In honor of Edgar Allan Poe and Big Read Connects Tucson, the Sun Link Streetcar will be streaming Poe’s “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee” at select stops along the streetcar route.

There are 23 stops along the streetcar route, 10 of which contain special LED panels that stream poetry curated by The UA Poetry Center. These panels will be streaming the two Edgar Allan Poe classics through the month of September.

If you have never had the opportunity to experience the poetry along the streetcar line, you are missing out. This is a really unique way to take in the words of a poem.

The concept of having streaming poetry at streetcar stops was conceived of by artists Simon Donovan and Ben Olmstead as part of the public art project along the streetcar line.   The two were charged with developing the overall concept of the project which includes several incredible pieces at each stop and along the line. The two also produced the piece “Poet” located at the East Helen Street and North Warren Avenue stop.

The poetry project was developed by the UA Poetry Center. The idea is to make the streetcar experience about more than just transportation. As people are using the streetcar, they are given the opportunity to take in poetry that they likely didn’t expect and hopefully it will have a meaningful impact on their day.

We invite all of you to take a ride on the streetcar and read some Poe along the way. Enjoy!